Skills for Success

Get started preparing for your career early

It is never too early to begin to think about your future.  You may already know what you want to do once you graduate, or you may have no idea, either way we are here to help you chart your course.  There are many skills you can learn to help you be successful in your job search journey.

Professional Skills

Here are a few professional soft skills that is relevant to all employment opportunities.

The ability to generate and develop ideas that lead to measurable outcomes such as content, new products or improved services.  Take the initiative to think about making a process faster or more efficient or work to create product ideas to address a need.

The ability to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly.  This is important for all forms of communication – oral, written and visual – to help foster connection and make interactions meaningful.

The ability to have authentic relationships with people of different backgrounds.  Good teams operate in a way that everyone benefits and they are all committed to achieving a common goal.

The ability to know and articulate your skills, knowledge and experience and to align those strengths with roles that best suit your talents.  Openness to feedback and a focus on continued growth – both personal and career – are important to help make you increasingly valuable to employers.

The ability to learn and leverage digital technology to solve problems and complete projects more efficiently. Focus on gaining more competence in industry and company related software programs.

The ability to demonstrate sensitivity toward and an inclusive attitude toward coworkers. Alway working to interact respectfullly and with integrity toward others and to be accountable for all your actions.

The ability to recognize and leverage the unique talents of individuals you work with to accomplish a shared goal.  This includes the ability to organize and prioritize tasks and to communicate in a way that helps motivate and develop others.

Professional Skills
Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Building soft skills is a key to successful employment.  You will need to identify which skills you need extra work on and strengthen these skills.

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