Starting a Job Search

The Job Search Process

The job search process starts with you taking inventory of your strengths, experiences and accomplishments – all the things that make you a marketable person.  Define what it is about you that make you valuable to a future employer. You can start with your own list and ask those who know you well to give you their opinions as well.  Define your skills and interests and also think about which of those skills might be transferrable to your prospective employer.

Tip: Check out the Lensa Self Assessment for ideas on how to get started.

Self Assessment

Conduct Job Research

There are a lot of resources available to get your job search started:

  • Create a Linkedin profile
  • Attend career fairs and other networking events
  • Do research on websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Ziprecruiter and others
  • Network with other Alumni and check the career site for occasional job postings
  • Find professional associations related to your career of interest
  • Create a way to track and update all your job search interactions. Consider using a tool like a Job Search Tracker.